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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Applications for the FlexMove slat conveyor system

Economical slat conveyors with no compromises.

The FlexMove plastic slat conveyor system is designed to provide flexible conveying solutions for all industries. These plastic slat conveyors have high weight capacity and will run at high speeds. They also minimise the need for multiple drives on large installations. For some incline applications, the plastic slat conveyor belt can be fitted with cleats or rubber grip materials. Multi lane slat conveyors can merge into one with automatic diverters and gates.

On applications for large trays and boxes on a production line it's a common feature that the box or product can overhang the plastic slat belt because the plastic modular conveyor belt is very stable and the side rails can help guide the product around bends and through lane changes.

For applications from the paper industry, transporting paper rolls or raw product on end and on its side at speed is easily accomplished.

Accumulation or stacking applications are sometimes know as an Alpine systems and can store large amounts of product for use as a buffer, for cooling or curing.


 Flexmove conveyor used to simply merge 2 round plastic products.

FlexMove also offers side grip belting for inverting products if they need to be marked from below, or if they need to take a steep incline. 

FlexMove salt conveyors are also commonly used as pallet conveyors or puck conveyors. Large pallets convey on twin lane slat conveyor systems for handling the larger flat pallets for larger products. Both large pallets and pucks can be custom made from low friction plastic, allowing easy accumulation. Plastic slat conveyors allow a high level of puck and pallet accumulation.

 slat conveyor with belt conveyor wide slat conveyor Plastic tray conveyors

 The FlexMove conveyor system can combine seamlessly with other slat conveyors and belt conveyor systems.

High level chain conveyor for boxes. It's quite common for the product to overhang the belt width.

 In this application for a lens manufacturer, the gap between the end of one conveyor run and the start of the next is bridged with a set of small rollers.


 conveyor with lane change Lane diverter high speed alpine conveyor 

 Lane changes and changes in direction of the product are simple to manage manually or automatically.

 Here, a pneumatic cylinder manages a 3 way diverter capable of allowing the product to go left, right or straight on.

 Known as an Alpine Conveyor, this system accumulates product for cooling or curing.


 side grip conveyor paper conveyor system

Side grip conveyor has small wedges on the chains that compress and allow the belt to pick the product up.

 Slat conveyors are commonly used in the paper industry. Simple side guides and sliding curves allow high speeds.


twin lane slat conveyor bend wheel bend conveyor Fruit conveyor 

 Twin lane system for larger pallets this one with a 180 degree bend. Pallets are low friction plastic.

 A wheel bend has lower friction than a sliding bend and makes the system footprint more compact.

 FlexMove conveyors are commonly used for food.


 high level salt conveyor slat conveyor chain with rollers flighted slat conveyor belt

 High level twin lane chain conveyor entering clean room with aluminium profile supporting structure.

 This slat conveyor in the transports trays of discs and has small rollers on each conveyor chain link to give low vibration zero back pressure.

 This conveyor has cleats fastened to the belt periodically to assist the product climb a steep incline.


 heavy duty diverter  Puck conveyor system Slat conveyor bridge

Heavy duty diverter for high speed, high volume lane changes on a fast moving conveyor.

Puck conveyor with stopping stations for use on a light assembly line

This conveyor has a walk through bridge that automatically stops the line when the counterbalanced bridge is lifted.