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flexmove modular belt conveyors



FlexMove adds more slat conveyor options …for less.


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Earlier this year Automation Supplies Ltd. was pleased to announce the addition of a new flexible product transportation system “FlexMove” to their already vast conveyor options portfolio. Sales of the new conveyor system have passed all expectations on the basis of a powerful mixture of high product quality, design and materials together with stunning value for money.  


FlexMove is designed to provide highly competitive, cost effective, incredibly flexible plastic chain (Or slat) conveying options for a wide range of industry applications such as filling, packaging, inspection, storage, general manufacturing and assembly in industries such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, labelling and many more. With a wide range of options, chain designs and quality of manufacture, FlexMove gives the end user real choice when investing in a modular conveying system. 


One recent application saw the end user switch from a leading supplier of modular conveyors to the FlexMove product and being more than pleased with the end result. The application was in a plastic injection moulding environment where the end user wanted to increase the productivity of their moulding machines and reduce operator interaction within the process. The idea was to have enough capacity in the handling system to increase the speed of the process and reduce downtime. The solution was to pick multiple parts from the moulding machine and set up the whole process at the start of a shift and take the whole production run from the machine at much less frequent intervals, thereby freeing up the operator to control 2 or more machines. 


Using the versatility of the FlexMove system, it was possible to create a 5 metre long twin lane loop high capacity conveyor system that could handle large pallets 500mm square. This in turn allowed the customer to mould 4 impressions in one machine cycle, remove them with a robotic handling system and place them precisely onto a pre-engineered pallet. When full, the pallet receives a signal and moves a new pallet into position and so on until all 10 pallets are full, making the total mould capacity on the handling system when full 3600 pieces. Bearing in mind that the previous capacity per pallet was 60pcs the operator involvement has reduced drastically and productivity is up. 


With FlexMove there are no barriers to change. Chain widths and design are compatible with the leading plastic chain systems, the quality of design is exceptional, the range is comprehensive and the prices reflect the maturity and accepted reliability of the product in the modern production environment. Automation Supplies delivered the conveyor in simple to re-assemble modules, having been previously pre-assembled and load tested before shipping. With clear re-assembly markings and an easy to use assembly guide, the two conveyor systems delivered were assembled in 3 days.  


Now that’s the power of modern modular conveyors. 


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