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flexmove modular belt conveyors



FlexMove - The economy modular conveyor

Economical, but with no compromises on quality or flexibility.

 Slat conveyor chains Plastic chain conveyor 

Although chain design has moved on in recent years, we have all the essential chain options for your everyday use and some that are not so common.

Chain Options

Most of the modular plastic chains below are available in most of the different slat conveyor system widths of 35mm, 63mm, 83mm, 103mm and 150mm.

Plain slat conveyor chain

Standard modular plastic belt for accumulation and steady travel straight, curve and loop as well as incline.

Plastic chain with cleats

Plastic conveyor chain belt with fixed on cleats for inclines or product separation, available in different widths.

High grip conveyor chain

Plastic conveyor belt with rubber grip pads for high friction applications such as steep inclines of declines.

Side grip conveyor chain

Plastic conveyor belt chain with soft finger pads for side grip of products when marking from underneath or elevating or inverting.


Antistatic conveyor belt

Static dissipative plastic chain conveyor belt for electronics industry.

Conveyor chain with rollers

Modular plastic chain with roller attachments for zero back pressure or high level of accumulation in applications.

 Slat conveyor chain with rollers 

Conveyor belt in plastic with the same roller attachments spaced out for larger products.

Slat chain high wear

Slat conveyor chain with metal inserts for high wear applications.