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flexmove modular belt conveyors



FlexMove - Plastic slat conveyors

Drive systems & options.

Drive Types:

Most of the FlexMove plastic slat conveyor series have all of the drive options shown: Call for details.

 Slat conveyor direct drive Plastic chain conveyor end drive

Direct drive with and without motor. The most basic drives available across the range and lowest cost. Takes up more width than the suspended drive and the motor is in a prominent location. Generally used for shorter, lighter conveyors without many curves. Has not got the same facility for a standard torque limiter as the suspended drive. 

 Slat conveyor underslung drive Plastic slat conveyor drive end

Suspended drive with and without motor. The motor is tucked away under the belt and is therefore less prominent. The suspended drive has more flexible fixed speed options without inverter necessary because the gearbox housing can accommodate a wider combination of different pulley ratios. The suspended drive can use the standard torque limiter, this prevents motor burn out in the event of overloading the belt or mechanical jams. 

 Salt conveyor intermediate drive Intermediate drive for chain conveyor

Intermediate direct drive with and without motor. This drive is used in the middle of a straight section of conveyor to add traction or as the main driver. Weight capacity on the belt is a little more limited than a standard end drive. 

 Intermediate drive suspended Salt conveyor intermediate drive

Intermediate suspended drive with and without motor. As above but the suspended version. 

 Salt conveyor intermediate drive with catenary Salt conveyor drive with catenary

Intermediate catenary drive with and without motor.

 Wheel drive slat conveyor Plastic chain conveyor wheel drive

Wheel drive with and without motor. Used in loop systems to allow endless surface only belt function with no belt return.