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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Industry guides for FlexMove plastic chain conveyors

General product handling.

Alpine / Buffer Conveyor FlexMove alpine or buffer conveyors are used as temporary storage of products, act as buffer for line balancing or fulfilling manufacturing cool down processes. It utilize small foot print for huge products storage. Sometimes it is used to transfer products from one level to another level and creating buffer at the same time.

Vertical Cleat Conveyor FlexMove vertical cleat conveyor is used in application where the slope of declination or inclination is more than 30 degree. In order to avoid products from sliding down or dropping from the slope, cleat chains are used.

Overhead Conveyor Production floor space saving can be achieved by utilizing FlexMove overhead conveyor that can be easily installed and run just bellow ceiling to release production space for heavy production machinery and equipment.

Tobacco Industry Conveyor FlexMove conveyor is used in tobacco industry application to convey packed cigarette boxes from packing machine to carton machine through overhead conveyor.

Tobacco Industry Conveyor A different view of FlexMove conveyor used in Tobacco industry.

Reliable Solution for Mass Production FlexMove conveyors are used extensively in mass production environment utilizing its great layout flexibility and simplicity in design.

High Speed Box Diverter High speed in line box diverter module can be easily incorporated into FlexMove conveyor to perform 1 to 2 lines diversion of products.

Packing Line Conveyor FlexMove conveyors are widely used in cosmetic s packing line due to its flexibility and cleanliness.

Merging Conveyor Two to one merging conveyors using side transfer of products are commonly used to divert products from output of machines to main highway conveyor.

Twin Track Conveyor Twin-track conveyor is normally used in pallet handling application where products are place and locate on pallet and convey through the entire conveyor. Pallet with products can be stopped by stopper to perform integrated processes with machinery.

Ice cream cone packing conveyor Multi-flexing and multi-crossing of FlexMove conveyor are easily done in space constraint manufacturing environment.

Swing Gate Conveyor Swing gate conveyor can be used as passage way in close loop conveyor layout or space constraint layout.

Optical Product Conveyor FlexMove conveyors are used in optical industry application to conveyor tray filled with optical products. The same application can be used for medical products in trays.

Optical Product Conveyor Products in trays or pucks can be easily conveyed and guided using FlexMove comprehensive guiding system.

Drive Shaft Conveyor Drive shaft manufacturer using FlexMove conveyor to convey machined drive shaft from one station to the other.

Machined Parts Conveyor FlexMove steel top and stainless steel top conveyor can be used in abrasive environment with metal chips in machined parts and automotive industry.

Pallet Conveyor FlexMove pallet conveyor is used in electronic assembly application .

Integrated Pallet Conveyor An overview of an integrated FlexMove pallet conveyor is used in electronic assembly line with integration with assembly machines.

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