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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Industry guides for FlexMove plastic slat conveyors

Paper and converting.

Toilet Roll Conveyor Toilet roll after being cut by log saw is conveyed at high speed by FlexMove conveyors to wrapping machine. FlexMove conveyor is also used in kitchen towel, tissue paper and sanitary napkin production too.

Tissue paper conveyor FlexMove conveyors are used in tissue paper production to convey boxed tissue paper.

Multi-lanes high speed toilet roll conveyor FlexMove multi-lanes high speed conveyors are used to transfer toilet rolls or kitchen towels cut by multi-lane log saw at high speed to packing machine.

Paper converting conveyors FlexMove conveyors are widely used in paper converting industry due to its flexibility of conveying products in multi lanes, multi-levels and multi-flexing features.

Download a short industry guide here.