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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Industry guides for FlexMove plastic chain conveyors

Printing & Packaging.

Intelligence Logistic Integration For complex integration and automation in logistic handling, FlexMove system is used due to its flexibility and ease of integration to production system such as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) scan, bar code scan, diverting and merging function as well as multi-levels conveying option.

Diverter Module FlexMove conveyors are used in complex logistic handling environment where correct product after CIM scanned must be correctly diverted to correct lane for packing and shipment.

Sorting Integration Another example of FlexMove system being used in multi-lanes and multi-products sorting integration solution. The FlexMove integration of computer software coupled with automation, products from main overhead highway conveyor will be gradually decline and scanned by CIM and sort according to lane dedicated for respective product.

Over head Conveyor FlexMove overhead conveyor is used to convey finished products from production to shipping or warehouse. Utilizing of overhead conveyor to save space for production equipment and machinery on production floor.

Fire Gate Integration A special designed fire gate mechanical handling system to transfer product from one side of fire gate to the other side. The fire gate is closed to prevent fire from spreading to other area.

Buffer Station After products are being sorted to respective lane, there will be buffer conveyor station to store sorted products prior to packing.

Download a short industry guide here.