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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Sample FlexMove slat band conveyor designs

Economical plastic slat conveyors.

Sample designs:

Plastic chain conveyor layout

Up, down, around, over, under and back again. With a side flexing slat conveyor system like FlexMove, there are so many options, so many possibilities, that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some design ideas for you that might help. Our FlexMove side flexing chain conveyor design service is free, so why not give it a try?

slat conveyor

An easy one to start with above then, a simple straight side flexing slat conveyor with a direct drive and side rail system on stands. The side rails and the stands are adjustable. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)


slat conveyors

The conveyor system above uses four 90 degree bends to create a divert area. Again this conveyor has a direct drive and adjustable side guides. In this application the side flexing slat conveyor system is used to divert selected products from the main production line for an extra labeling application. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

plastic slat conveyor system

This application uses the modular plastic chain conveyor system to return empty pallets to the start of an existing line. Here you will see that the side flexing slat conveyor system can offer the customer the ability to turn and incline products back to the start of his production process. All this system uses is one drive only. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

Cooling conveyor system

This cooling slat conveyor application above uses multiple 180 degree turns to assist the process of cooling a product before it enters the next process area. This conveyor integrates into an existing line with a similar design system. The slat conveyors are very compact and again uses only one motor drive. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

plastic slat conveyor

In the application above the product needs to be raised to 2 levels in a small area. This is possible by using multiple 180 degree bends and inclines between the bends. At a mid point another conveyor removes selected products from the line using an automatic diverter. Once more the whole main conveyor uses only one drive and the product travels uphill on the standard chain. Attention needs to be taken to the incline, this is why there are multiple levels. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

Slat conveyor systems

The side flexing plastic chain conveyor above illustrates how the FlexMove system can integrate with an existing competitor's conveyor easily. The straight running conveyor block in the middle is an existing straight conveyor line. This plastic chain conveyor was installed previously and the new slat conveyor takes rejected products and recirculates them through the system for corrections. See how the conveyor declines, then inclines back to the start of the line. This time, because of the length of the conveyor and weight of the product, there are two drives. The products change lanes from one conveyor to the other by using the side guides for assistance. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

Plastic chain conveyor loop

Above you can see how side flexing chain conveyors can be used endless. By putting the drive inside one of the 90 degree bends, FlexMove conveyors can be used to recirculate the product on an endless belt. This way, there are no lane changes and no conveyor to conveyor transfers, sometimes useful if the product is unstable or tall. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

Puck conveyor system

Another loop conveyor. This conveyor is for small products to be taken from a plastic injection moulding machine and placed on small pallets. The pallets are made from low friction plastic and can accumulate for loading or unloading. In this case the pallets stop to be loaded from the moulding machine by a robot and then stop to be unloaded by the operator. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)

Slat conveyor pallet system

The loop conveyor above illustrates how side flexing chain conveyors can be used in a twin lane conveyor combination. Again using low friction plastic pallets, the larger dimensions make a twin lane conveyor system the clear choice. The design leaves space for pneumatic and other pallet controls and stoppers. Because of the extra weight of the pallet and the products on the pallet, this system has 2 drives. If the application was lighter, a single drive and end to end conveyor transfer would have been easy due to the pallet size. (Click photo to upload PDF enlargement)