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flexmove modular belt conveyors



Industry guides for FlexMove plastic slat chain conveyors

Side grip conveyor belt system.

Wedge Conveyor FlexMove wedge conveyors are used to convey products from production floor level to another level higher or vise versa using FlexMove wedge top chain. It uses two conveyors facing each other to provide fast and gentle vertical and/or horizontal transport of products. Its proven function provides a continuous high capacity operation, never requires the product to be stopped and ensures product separation.

Rinse Module FlexMove wedge conveyors are also used in rinsing application where products need to turn up side down for rinsing process. There are many configurations of wedge conveyors such as “C”, “S”, “U” or “n”.

Wedge Conveyor FlexMove wedge conveyor s are also widely used in food and beverages industry such as de-pucker system.

Wedge Conveyor in action Fast movement of wedge conveyors in action.

Download a short industry guide here.